Sunday, May 31, 2009

Freedom & Seha - Mulanya Di Sini
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~~sama sama menjejak mimpi~~
sama sama mencari dan menanti
segalanya direstui cinta sejati
sama sama gunung didaki
sama sama turun ke lembah sepi
suka duka bersama dirasai ~~~~

There are various people at various point along the path, with different faces and different names, through a kursus named -Induksi, Bil 4/2009, they met each other. From the 1st night where a group of 52 peoples were called one by one to intro themselves, till the last night where everyone was giving their best shot in their "persembahan dalam kumpulan", and with a renewed sense of friends and 'commitment' that has come upon us, i felt it's a completely different kind of life. Especially the last night presentation, none of these would be possible without each of the group member's tenderness in making it an amazing scene.

.The 'botak' gang.

Same height???

.The tallest and the shortest.

.The eldest and the youngest.

.Group 4.

.Group 5.

.Group 6.

.Group ?.

.Barisan Urusetia.

.Hari.. hari sabtu? hari ahad?.

.Vijay - The pokok Melaka. ^-^

Yah, am back, from BTN and induksi.
A total of 18days.
Scheduled timetable.
Lectured & LDK.
Senaman pagi & riadah.
Study & exam.
Games & TeamBuilding.
Tired & Exhausted.
Yet, enjoyed & gonna miss it!!
To be continued...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Je t'aime Manchester United!!

A reason to love, a reason to stay, a reason to support, a reason to be the one, and a reason to fall for.

We are the Champions. No matter how many times we lost. We are still the champions. Deep inside the heart.


Monday, April 27, 2009

I hate 27th!

But I love 29th!

I dislike celebrating Xmas!

But I enjoy listening to Xmas Songs!

Moi is going to Sabah in August and Bali in Oct (if everything sails smoothly according to plan, kekeke...)

Pray for me guys. :)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yes!! It's done finally!!

The agenda book for the coming kursus in Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah.

The cover page.

The agenda.

And the end....

Solely done by using photoshop software. Comments and criticizes are all welcomed. :)

Till then, see you guys.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My favourite P.A.R.F.U.M.E is finished!!!!! Arghhh.......... another unlucky day for me!!!! Why why tell me why I'm the unlucky one???

*It is these small little imperfections that make them perfect.* A meaningful sentence. To watch the full video, click here.

Is currently listening to : I can wait forever - Simple Plan

Haiz...what an unlucky day man...

Bang my car this morning. What? Again? Yeah, again, the 2nd time to be exact. Luckily mum didn't nagged much this time and didn't 'suspend' mah driving license. Lollll... Basically it was just a small accident. My emergency brake just couldn't save me from the accident and there gone my car bumper. It dislocated a little bit from the body and my car bonnet was a bit raised up. But the overall condition is still 100000x more better than the 1st time.

Me : (Get out from the car, panic, shocked, terrified, adrenaline was at its highest peak i supposed) I'm sorry.

30+year-old Indian guy : What are u rushing for? You see you have made the traffic even more worse. xx@##%xx#@%#%x@

Me : Let's drive to the side 1st.

So we drove our car to the side and he cont. bla bla bla while examining his car bumper. I stood aside, thinking what if his car bumper suddenly fall off and how much $$ I need to pay him. Luckily, there was only a ~4cm crack.

Me : Hmm...ur car seems okie, so I would just pay u RM50.

30+year-old Indian guy : Eh, RM50??? From outside it seems okie, but I couldn't see the inner part. What if the compartment that store my spare tyre is dented or spoiled?

Me: (OMG, his ridiculous statement tirggered my anger) Eh pls la, I hit on ur car bumper (I step forward and knocked on it), hear that? Inside is nothing. You don't tell me your car boot is spoiled and claim on me.

30+year-old Indian guy : (Open his car boot and had a thorough checked on it) You see, it's dented (pointing at a dented place).

Me : Eh uncle, I hit on your car bumper, not on ur car boot. (Gosh, I dunno how many times I need to repeat this sentence)

30+year-old Indian guy : (running his fingers over his car bumper over and over again to search for any small little tiny scratch or crack that his eyes might miss it) Well, I cannot see it clearly now since it's very dark.

Me : (7.05am, dark? wtf ) So do you need my car's spotlight??

30+year-old Indian guy : .......

Me : Okla, I pay you RM50 and done.

30+year-old Indian guy : Eh cannot la!!!!

Me : So how much you want then?

30+year-old Indian guy : (trying to think think a while) okie, Rm150.

Me : Wah RM150??!!!! No, I'm not going to pay you that much coz' it doesn't worth that much. You don't think I'm stupid or I'm a girl that don't know much about the car (trying to act act like I know though I don't really know la =p)

30+year-old Indian guy : Eh, now it's your fault okie, you hit me from behind. If we reported this to the police, you need to pay the RM300 summon.

Me : (His super wtf statement lagi trigger my anger) Eh, I didn't deny that's my fault, and you don't have to keep reminding me that it's my fault. Ok, the most I can give you is RM100.

Well, in the middle of our conversation, his dad arrived. Mark you, his DAD!! A 30+year-old guy called his dad to come and settle the problem. Ha. Funny. Me, a going-to-be 24 year-old little gal, settle it myself instead. (hehe....coz I couldn't get my dad at that time)

His dad didn't say much and I just paid him Rm100. The indian guy accepted it happily and the story ended. Guess what, he even told me to drive carefully while on my way to work. grhhh......

Took EL and got my car fixed at uncle's workshop. So here gone my wondeful Mon morning.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Unspoken Thoughts

A simple little girl.
And a simple life.
Need not promises.
Need not 24-hours.
Need not flowers.
Need not expensive pressie.
Need not the Sky, the Moon, the Stars, or the Sun.

All I ask for.
Nothing but just true love.
From the bottom of your heart.
Love me for you want to.
And care for me for you want to.
Not responsibility or sympathy.

Love me like how you loved her.
The way I wish you would.
And the way I know you could.
Sounds easy, yet it's the hardest thing ever.

I should have knew from the start.
Where you can never do the same to me.
For you can never be the same.
Where you can never treat me like how you treated her.
For I am a different her.
And can never be with me.
For I might not be the one.

I thought I could be the one.
The one that lead you out from the past.
The one that change your world.
And show you the other happier side of the fields.
Where the grass is greener.
Beautiful with flowers.

I thought I could be the one.
The one that draw the smiles on your face.
The one that brighten up your days.
And show you the other happier side of the world.
Where the Sun shines brightly.
Beautiful with puffs of white.

I am over-confidence.
I am wronged.
And I've failed.
I knew I shouldn't compare.
I knew I shouldn't expect much.
But how could I?
For I knew too much about your past.
And the story ended.
Nothing but just friend.
Is this what we called Fate?
And we both lost to it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

.A Memorable Saturday.

What you did last Saturday? Well, as for my mine, went to Pavilion with Jane, Justin, and SYT. Elaine Dorotha cant join us for fun as she’d some catch up sessions with her s’pore friends. And yah, where is our another usual hang out gang member, TYM? Her knee was injured during the futsal game last Thursday. So she has difficulty in walking (according to her) and decided to rest more in order to get well soon. (then can go paktoh with somebody??? *cough cough* Oh, this one I dunno. Haha, kidding, TYM don’t kill me if you saw this =p)

Okie, if you are thinking we shopped a lots, then you are wronged. Yah, we did lepak in some shops while waiting for SYT to come and join us for lunch. But then we did some really interesting stuffs after Justin left us. SYT and Jane went to Fish Spa which is located at a corner near Redbox Plus, and OMG, Jane’s expression was superb when she first put her leg into the small pond where it’s fulled of small little tiny fishes. 3 of us really laughed till stomach cramp and luckily not many customers that time. As for me, I just sat there and help them to take some pic. Yah, I know I’m coward, for I’ve really no gut to try it, but but but…. I will try it someday. :) Trust me.

We then headed for our movie called Knowing. Wanted to watch Confession of a Shopaholic at first but the ticket was sold out. It’s a worth-to-watch movie overall though the ending is a bit cacat. Yah, the same cinema in Pavilion again. Went with someone last year. It’s kinda nostalgic, isn’t it. But if I let the emo-ness strikes me everytime I go to the place where we’d been before, how could I lead a happie life? (Except for a place where I will never dine there again la) Since he has moved on so well, why would I still hanging in the past? I should have moved on too, coz’ I know if I’m not, I’m gonna be abandoned by this world. I don’t dare to look back on how I’ve gone through the past 2 months lor. Not even a single word of consolation from him wei. The fact is cruel. He is cruel. Slept with tears at 12midnight and woke up with tears at 3am or go to work in a pair of bengkak eyes is not chun at all wei. But I survived over a range of sadness and obstacles! Hooray! Over the past few months, what I did was: I tried my best to cut off all ties with him, I tried my best to cut off all the feelings I have towards him, I tried my best to lead my life without him, I tried my best to restrain myself from looking back, I tried my best to shut off the playback of past memories, I tried my best to erase everything. I’m really sorry if I got no choice but to persuade myself to hate him, for this is the only way to speed up the healing process of a broken wound. Papa always says 命里有时终需有,命里无时莫强求. Well, be positive thinking, be optimistic, be happie, for everything is fated.

Okie okie, enough for the playback. Back to the happier side, we headed to a restaurant called Shook in Starhill for dinner after the movie, as according to SYT there is some function about the Earth Hour going on in that restaurant, where they will switch off the light from 8.30pm till 9.30pm and you will be having candlelight dinner throughout that hour. The function was actually hosted by Ruth Yeoh, the Director of Investments (YTL Corp Company), and supported by losta celebrities. Guess what!!! Spotted some celebrities like Deborah Henry, Stephanie Chai, Hannah Lo and Deanna Yusoff. Of course, we wont miss the chance to take photo with them and thanks to SYT’s iphone.

The group photo.

And another one.

From left: Hannah Lo, SYT, Stephanie Chai, Deborah Henry.

Hannah Lo, Stephanie Chai and Me.

OMG!!!! Stephanie is gorgeous, Deborah is chun, and Hannah is stunning!!!! They are soooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!! Okie, I know you guys must be laughing at my 审美观, but trust me, they are really HAWT!!!! How I wish I could have their face and their body, thin, tall, pretty, sharp features…. Oik, stop dreaming la. Sigh. Yah, I know our senyuman abit kejang, coz' we're super KAN CHEONG wei.

Okie, back to the dinner part, so we ended up have our candlelight dinner (my first candlelight dinner is gone *blush blush*) in a restaurant which served Spanish food becoz’ Shook was fully booked. And the baked cheesy scallop was superb!! I’m loving it!! I’m so sorry that all these fakta-fakta are not supported by photos. Coz’ I forgot to bring along my newly bought camera. Eh, please forgive me la as I did not expect we will go to this kind of event mah and the camera is too heavy for me to carry it and jalan-jalan along. Haha, SYT said she very regretted for didn’t remind me about that. Okie, gimme some times and let me learn to master it first k. Btw, won't be able to on9 coz' modem at home was spoiled since last week and thanks to SYT and "her housemates" for letting me to on9 at their home. Till then, see ya. :)